The Power of Consistency

Good morning guys.
Today I want to share something on consistency. Consistency is the one ingredient that sets an effective Christian apart from a non-effective one. If you want to grow spiritually, you need to read your Bible, pray and meditate on the Word consistently- not when it is convenient or when you remember, but every single day. The Bible says it was the custom of Jesus to go to the temple to read the law- even he who was the son of God took reading the word seriously. He also took praying seriously. It is not enough to pray for one week and go on vacation for another two weeks. You must do these things consistently if you want to grow. 
Even science appreciates the power of consistency. If you want to warm your hands, you must rub them together consistently. If you are having sex, you will only have an orgasm by consistent stimulation. If you want to lose weight, you can only achieve it by being consistent with your dieting and exercise.
If you feel like you are stagnant in your Christian walk, check your consistency. You don’t have to start big. It can be one chapter of the Bible a day or 5 mins of prayer- so long as you are consistent with that, you will see a difference. God rewards consistency. By seeking Him diligently and drawing closer to Him, we fellowship with Him and He becomes our friend. I can’t think of anything more than being called God’s friend.


  1. Wait oo Keni check like you’ve been spying on me cos all your posts seem like they were written with me in mind


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