Baby Kwor making me proud ❤


I dedicate this post to all who have been bereaved recently or in the past.
It hurts…
I know but I pray God consoles your bleeding hearts.
I pray for the family and friends of Verma Marie Annan.
I also pray that God comforts Yaa Boatemaa Adjekum and her family.
I still miss my Daddy and cry occasionally but He is in a better place and The Holy Spirit is my Comforter.Amen.

7122131479_ce8cbc2088_o My Daddy in a casket.

Do you know pain?
Pain is when the strongest man you have ever known lies down helpless and weak on a hospital bed in the Cancer Unit at  the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.
Pain is when the man who takes you on road trips becomes bedridden.
Pain is when you see your hero feeble and in excruciating pain.
Pain is when you spoon feed your Daddy because he cannot feed himself anymore.
Pain is…

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  1. Beautiful and heartfelt. God’s prayers really do take us through all the changing scenes of life! Praying that God continues to strengthen, heal and teach through these seasons.


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